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Annalee Tomak


Graphic Designer / Creative

As a professional with a passion for design and communications, I have a wealth of knowledge in most facets of the creative process. 

Inspired by innovation, but rooted in an analytical background, I am comfortable with plenty of tasks at a time and, I thrive in a high-pressure environment with limited resources. I have worked primarily with Non-profits and in the education & hospitality sectors and I would like to continue to align my career goals with companies that have missions of helping the greater good.

I have cultivated strategic communications, project management, and leadership skills through a range of practical experience. These strengths,

combined with my passion for and training in design have created a strong foundation to meet the needs for many businesses.

I am analytical and dependable, but also aim to bring an enthusiastic attitude to every project. Bringing strengths in collaboration, communication and management. I know that my creative abilities will serve to bring a valuable addition to any organization.

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